Buying a Second Home in Greece

Buy your dream co-owned vacation home in


at a fraction of the cost, and with none of the hassle.

Buying a Second Home in Greece

Why people love co-ownership

Second home owners share their positive experiences of co-ownership.

"The co-ownership model works perfectly for me. I'm able to diversify my real estate portfolio and have several vacation homes instead of just one. I loved the welcome basket they left for me and my family - it’s the small details for me.  I'm looking forward to co-owning with Partment wherever they go next."


Co-owner of several Partment homes

partment provider
"We bought our first share in the Baltic Sea region a year ago and were very happy with our decision after the first few stays. The concept and the quality of the property excited us. At the beginning of the year, we fell in love with another property in Austria and bought a share there as well. Now we have a small portfolio in different locations."

Thomas B.

Co-owner of several MYNE properties in the Baltic Sea region and Austria

myne provider
"Everything here is perfect. So happy with this investment! The kids will love coming here!"

Stephany T.

Co-owner of an Ember Home

ember provider
"Prello’s offer brought together all the aspects that I needed: an investment that is both financially beneficial and a property that can be fully enjoyed without management constraints - as management is provided entirely by the company. I was thus able to invest in an exceptional property that suits me perfectly – situated in an exotic location, but still within easy reach of my main residence."

Claire A

Co-owner of a Prello house in Saint-Ouen-de-Thouberville (Eure, France)

prello provider
"We co-own a large property in an area where co-ownership is actually quite common. The owners have been together for many years now and we are already heading into the second generation of co-owners, so this clearly works. I like Lazaru’s model where you have a 3rd party taking care of everything. The Lazaru founder is thoughtful and amongst other things came up with a good suggestion related to our booking system which made our lives a lot easier."


Co-owner of a Lazazu Property

lazazu provider
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Understanding Co-ownership

Watch our video to familiarize yourself with modern co-ownership and discover why this is the smart way of buying a second home.

Buying a Second Home in Greece

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The savviest way to own a high-end vacation property

With Kocomo’s co-ownership expertise, you can find out how to acquire the vacation home of your dreams and grow your property portfolio in an affordable way.


True ownership

As a co-owner, you own a genuine piece of real estate, as co-ownership properties appreciate in value just as standard residential property does. And what’s more, you’re free to sell or transfer your ownership interest when the time’s right - walking away with a profit if the market rises.


Significant savings

Co-ownership enables you to afford a luxury vacation property without the full financial burden. The purchase price and property running costs can be shared amongst the co-owners and you can match your investment with your property usage. 


Hassle-free enjoyment

With a professionally managed co-ownership property you’re free to relax and enjoy your precious vacation time.  All upkeep, scheduling, and hospitality services are taken care of, allowing you to unwind and make memories.


Transparent & straightforward

Co-ownership providers make it quick and easy to buy in just a matter of weeks and give full transparency of all costs for your absolute peace of mind. All the hard work is done for you, and you’ll have the keys to your dream vacation home in no time!

Experience the joy of finding your ideal co-owned vacation retreat

Explore co-ownership opportunities with Kocomo. Buying a second home in


has never been easier!

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