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Co-ownership brings happiness, enjoyment, and contentment

When you become a co-owner of a high-end vacation home, you not only gain an asset but also a sense that your life has been enriched beyond measure.

Co-ownership makes vacations enjoyable again and gives you all the benefits of ownership, with none of the aggravation.

Let’s explore the advantages of co-ownership and how this modern ownership model adds a huge amount of value to the lives of you and your family.

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Afford the vacation home of your dreams

Saving up for your perfect property can take years or even decades, but co-ownership is a smart way to purchase the luxury home you’ve always dreamt of – making that elegant beach house, or sophisticated ski lodge brilliantly attainable.

By buying a portion of a home, you become an owner - just as you would as a stand-alone buyer, but without having to stretch yourself to a property that’s out of your price range.

With co-ownership, you can expand your home search to include properties at a higher price point - meaning you can own a slice of a bigger and better property than you ever imagined.

Guilt-free vacations

We’ve all been there, vacation costs rack up, especially when you have a whole family to pay for. Your loved ones deserve quality time together, but the expense of forking out for a vacation rental or a luxury hotel can blow the budget.

Thankfully, co-ownership offers the solution and removes the vacation guilt because you’re simply enjoying your asset. The money you’ve invested in the property has the potential to appreciate in value, and compared to wasting thousands on a regular family vacation, co-ownership is a cost-effective and smart alternative.

Happy memories

As a co-owner, you can think of your vacation property as a home-from-home. It’s a place you can keep coming back to, and somewhere your kids’ childhood memories will be made.

You have a space for family celebrations, memorable meals with friends, or simply being together with loved ones in exquisite surroundings.

If you’re unable to use one of your weeks at the home, you have the option to gift the time to family or friends, or alternatively, some providers will help you to rent it out for profit.

The joy of familiarity

It feels good to be home. There’s no place like it, and co-ownership gives you that very feeling of familiarity and comfort. As soon as you arrive at your welcoming vacation home, you can start creating memories - just where you left off.

No time is wasted having to settle in, as you would in a rented vacation property or a hotel. You can immediately relax in the home you know and love.

Stress-free vacations

Vacations become simpler as a co-owner. There’s no need to spend endless hours hunting for the best deals and trying to find a property that pleases everyone. Your co-owned home ticks all the boxes and all you have to do is book and go.

Providers have user-friendly owner apps which enable you to reserve weeks both in advance and at short notice, so you can vacation exactly when you want, with the utmost ease.

Community spirit

You’ll fall in love with your co-owned home more and more each time you visit, and you’ll also build a connection with the local people, town, and restaurants. This makes you feel part of the community – something that rarely happens when you rent a vacation home or stay in a hotel as a one-off.

Sure – you can also get to know the community when you buy a property on your own, but you’re burdened with the responsibility of the whole home which makes things way less appealing!

Work from paradise

Your co-owned home provides a tranquil haven for your well-earned vacations, and can also double up as a calm and inspiring workplace - should you choose to focus on work projects there.

With reliable Wi-Fi and dedicated office space in some properties, you’re able to concentrate on work and also relax in a stunning location.

Compared to an unfamiliar rented vacation home, that isn’t guaranteed to have dependable Wi-Fi or even a desk, a co-owned home gives you true peace of mind that you have a suitable work environment if you decide to combine work and play.

Private storage

Co-owned properties have private and secure storage areas for each of the co-owners. This means that you have somewhere safe to store sports equipment, the kids’ beach gear, and anything else that you choose not to transport backward and forward! It’s great to know everything’s ready and waiting for you at your second home.

Personalized care

Co-owned homes are fully appointed with everything you need to feel totally at home. From luxury linens to quality appliances and basic toiletries, co-owned properties are furnished and equipped with great attention to detail.

You will also have a committed property manager who not only oversees the day-to-day running of the home, but will also ensure your favorite wines are chilling in the fridge, and the kitchen cupboards are stocked with your preferred groceries.

Positive words from co-owners

“Aside from being reliable and considerate, the Lazazu founder has a great eye for detail and constantly comes up with suggestions on how to make our home look and function more effectively. One simple example which has worked really well is having private storage cupboards for personal items.”

Matthias – Lazazu Co-owner

“My mother-in-law and father-in-law cried when we got here. It really hits you. It is like a dream to have something like this and although we are not the complete owner, the feeling is very similar.”

Eduardo – Ancana Co-owner

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