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Determine Which Co-ownership Provider is Right for You

In recent years, the modern co-ownership model has gained great momentum, and a wave of co-ownership providers has entered the marketplace. This is in response to growing worldwide recognition that shared ownership is the very best way to own a second home.   

Many of these co-ownership providers are well-capitalized and backed by some of the most renowned investors in the world, such as Softbank, Greycroft, Fifthwall, Peter Thiel, Y Combinator, Accel, and FJ Labs, proving how highly esteemed the co-ownership model has become.

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Pinpoint your ideal provider

Whilst each co-ownership provider is based on the same model, each has its own nuanced differences in terms of price point, property and location type, scheduling system, platform fee, whether it’s possible to rent the property out or not, and several other varying factors.  

Some key differences to look out for are:

Price point

Providers differ in terms of pricing. While some pitch themselves at the lower end, others are positioned at the higher end of the scale. This reflects the type of properties that the provider offers.

Can your vacation home be rented out?

Some co-owners like to have the option of letting their vacation property should they choose to. This is a way of generating income when you’re unable to use your vacation time.

On the flip side, other co-owners prefer not to rent out, reserving exclusive use for themselves and their small co-ownership group.

There are co-ownership providers that offer rentable properties and also providers of non-rentable properties, enabling you to select a home that best suits your requirements.

Property location

Providers offer homes in a diverse range of countries and locations, and while most have a good variety of property types, some specialize more in beach, mountain, or city homes. Your preferred destination and property type will lead you to the appropriate provider.

As a general guide, Ember cover the US, Vivla, Prello, Lazazu, and MYNE are European players, and Ancana operates in Mexico. There are also other providers in the Middle East.


Each provider has its own scheduling system. It’s important to compare the fine details, checking stipulations on how many weeks you can book in a row, last-minute reservations, set weeks, and availability of peak dates. 

Can you swap weeks with other co-owners?

Check whether your provider allows you to swap weeks with other co-owners. This could be in your own co-owned property, in other properties managed by the provider, or even in another vacation home – as some providers have vacation property swapping partners to facilitate this. 

Are home upgrades decided by the co-owners or the provider?

Some co-ownership providers run an annual co-owner meeting to discuss and vote on potential home improvements, whereas other providers handle home upgrades on behalf of the co-owners. Whatever your preference, you can look for a provider that works the way you like best.

Is there a concierge service?

While most co-owned homes are looked after by a property manager who coordinates all maintenance, cleaning, and basic personal requests, some providers, such as Ancana, offer an additional concierge service for a high-end co-ownership experience. Your concierge can organize all travel arrangements, restaurant bookings, and day trips for an added level of luxury.

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