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At Kocomo we believe that co-ownership should be uncomplicated.

And whether you’re in the know about co-ownership or not, Kocomo is the place where you can find out all the important facts, compare the world’s leading co-ownership providers, and find your perfect co-owned second home.

We’re simplifying co-ownership by making it easy to understand. And we’ve done all the groundwork to help you find and buy a luxury co-owned vacation home with ease.

Kocomo’s Learn section will introduce you to the exciting world of co-ownership. Let us be your guide.

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Understanding Co-ownership

Watch our video to familiarize yourself with modern co-ownership and learn why it’s not timeshare. 

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The Ins and Outs of Fractional Ownership: Your Complete Guide

Unlock the benefits of shared ownership in the comprehensive Fractional Ownership Guide and enjoy exclusive access to luxury fractional properties worldwide.

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Discover what makes co-ownership special

Learn how the new co-ownership model differs from timeshare, outdated fractional ownership, and investment-only options.

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Find your perfect provider

Kocomo makes it easy to compare co-ownership providers from across the world – helping you decide which provider best suits your needs.

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Buy a sensational vacation home

Use Kocomo’s extensive global listings page to browse and buy the second home of your dreams.

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Relax, knowing all the hard work is done for you

With co-ownership, you can own a second home without having to worry about any of the mundane property administration and maintenance. Everything is professionally managed by the provider. 

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Earn from your co-ownership share

Sell your ownership portion for a profit if the market rises and determine which providers allow you to rent. This is true ownership that delivers real financial advantages.

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Enjoy the life-enriching benefits of co-ownership

Spend quality time together with family and friends and create memories that last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kocomo?

Kocomo is a marketplace and educational hub for the co-ownership of vacation homes, bringing people closer to their dream of owning a second home.

Kocomo makes it easy to learn about the co-ownership model, compare the industry’s key providers, and find the vacation property that’s perfect for you.

 What does co-ownership mean?

Co-ownership simply means that a property is owned by a group of multiple owners instead of one single entity. This is also known as fractional ownership - a concept and practice used to democratize access to otherwise unattainable assets.

Fractional ownership has existed for a long time, but it is difficult and costly to get right without a neutral third-party administrator to ensure transparency and fairness amongst co-owners. This is where Kocomo and our trusted co-ownership partners come in: We are paving the way to modern co-ownership and taking care of all the details so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

In its simplest language, what do co-ownership providers do?

Very simply, co-ownership providers enable multiple people to own one home and split all the costs amongst them, without the fuss and hassle normally involved. This is a smart and economical way to own a vacation home, as buying a whole home for just a few weeks a year feels like more hassle than it’s worth - while spending money on a rental is a waste.

Co-ownership providers make this possible by managing all the legal and administrative processes that come with home ownership, as well as all the property management. This removes the hassle of owning a home abroad and allows people to indulge in ultimate relaxation and unfettered quality time with their loved ones.

Is co-ownership the same as timeshare?

Not at all.

 With a co-owned home, you own a portion of the home (not only the right to use time there). You actually own a share of the home’s equity, and you can benefit from any appreciation in the value of the underlying real estate over time. By contrast, with a timeshare, you own only the right to use the property, typically for a fixed period of time each year.

If you want to sell a timeshare, you must attempt to sell it back to the resort operator who sold it to you, which often results in a loss relative to your purchase price. In general, with a co-owned home, you simply need to list your share on the provider’s marketplace to find another buyer.

Timeshare properties are typically hotel rooms or condo units in a resort property, while co-ownership properties are standalone vacation homes in prime locations chosen for their physical beauty, cultural heritage, and access to multiple outdoor activities.

Is co-ownership the same as fractional?

Co-ownership is the new and transparent version of fractional ownership.

Historically, the traditional fractional model provided little transparency on cost and developers gave minimal support to owners when they wanted to sell their share.

Modern co-ownership, on the other hand, is being taken in an exciting new direction by the current players. The property value, margins charged on top, and future maintenance costs are all clearly communicated to co-owners - and importantly, providers make it easy to sell your co-ownership share when you’re ready to.

Is co-ownership the same as tenancy in common?

No, it is different.

Co-ownership is frequently based on an LLC structure (or country-specific equivalent) that provides limited liability protection to its owners or members. It combines the benefits of a (limited liability) corporation with the flexibility and tax advantages of a partnership. The owners of an LLC have their personal assets protected from the company’s liabilities, meaning their liability is limited to the amount they have invested in the LLC.

In contrast, a tenancy in common is a form of property ownership where two or more individuals hold an undivided interest in a property. Each owner in a tenancy in common has a separate and distinct ownership interest which can be of equal or unequal shares. Tenancy in common allows each owner to sell, transfer, or encumber their share of the property independently.

While both LLC co-ownership and tenancy in common involve multiple owners, they serve different purposes. LLCs are used in co-ownership to provide limited liability protection, while tenancies in common are a form of property ownership.

How many co-owners are there per home?

A co-owned property can have between 2 to 8 co-owners, however, it is most common for there to be 8 co-owners.

Each co-owner can enjoy the home for a pro-rata amount of time depending on the number of shares that they acquire. In the case of one share, each owner can enjoy around six weeks at their home per year. 

 It is also sometimes possible for one person to purchase up to four co-ownership stakes (owning 50% of the home).

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