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Where do you even start?

Owning a home with your closest pals or family can inspire daydreams of big beautiful lake houses and lazy weekends spent poolside, but how does it work?



Assemble your group and determine your goals together.



Decide where and how you picture your dream house.



Establish an LLC entity to purchase your home.



Create an Operating Agreement between the group



Enjoy your home…and consider property management.

What our co-owners are saying

brian and andre

Brian and Andrea

Sonoma, CA 

Happy Paraiso Private Villa Co-owners

Having a second home in Mexico was always part of the plan — but 2 kids and busy jobs tied us to city life. Plus, the last thing my wife and I wanted was the extra responsibility of taking care of another home, both in terms of time and money. Kocomo changed that for us. Now we own a slice of a beautiful oceanfront home just a flight away from SFO where we can easily work remotely and vacation several times per year with our loved ones. I am already thinking about where my next Kocomo is going to be.

miami 2

Hassle-Free Co-Ownership with Kocomo

Kocomo is a co-ownership platform that makes it simple for friends to buy stunning vacation properties together. We handle the taxes, the legal process, managing ongoing expenses, and equitable scheduling. So all you and your crew need to worry about is whether it’s a pool day or a beach day.

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