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Ever imagined buying a vacation home with your friends? 

Get Kocomo's step-by-step guide to learn how.

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Why second-home buyers are choosing Kocomo


True Ownership

Own your vacation real estate, not just the right to use it


Shared Expenses

Share the financial load of maintaining your home with vetted co-owners


Professional Upkeep

Rest easy knowing Kocomo takes care of your home 24/7, 365 days per year


Flexible Scheduling

Designed around your needs, enjoy ease of scheduling through our smart booking system


Boundless Options

Use, swap, rent, gift, or exchange time at your discretion


Future Gains

If you decide to sell, we’ve got options to support your best interests

What our co-owners are saying

brian and andre

Brian and Andrea

Sonoma, CA 

Happy Paraiso Private Villa Co-owner

Having a second home in Mexico was always part of the plan — but 2 kids and busy jobs tied us to city life. Plus, the last thing my wife and I wanted was the extra responsibility of taking care of another home, both in terms of time and money. Kocomo changed that for us. Now we own a slice of a beautiful oceanfront home just a flight away from SFO where we can easily work remotely and vacation several times per year with our loved ones. I am already thinking about where my next Kocomo is going to be.



Mexico City, Mexico

We use Airbnb a lot but it hasn't allowed us to create lifelong memories with our kids in one place.

The check-in/check-out experience is inconsistent and at times stressful, our favorite homes are not always available when we’re available, and every time we go to a new home it’s either a hit or miss. With Kocomo we feel like we are 100% at home. It’s such a treat to know that every time we go to our Sayulita home, guac will be waiting for us in the fridge and the wifi will always be working. 


Matt and Sarah

Brooklyn, NY

I never thought owning a vacation home would be something I would want to do.

Being the optimizer that I am, buying an entire home only to use it for a few weeks per year felt like a waste. There was no way of running numbers on my excel that made owning better than renting every time.  That was until a friend told me about Kocomo and its co-ownership model, which just makes so much more sense to me. The entire process was transparent, detailed, and precise, making it easy for me to trust Kocomo to take care of my expenses as if they were their own.

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