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USD / co-owner


This is the price you pay as a 1/8th owner of Casa Paraiso, which enables you to use the home for 6 weeks each year.






Wifi 25mbps

Victoria Park, Fort Lauderdale


Fly to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
3 hrs from LAX






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What co-owners are saying

“Buying a vacation home was always part of our “plan” — but with the way the market is, plus 2 kids and busy jobs — we didn’t know “how” that could be possible. Kocomo changed that for us. Now we own a slice of a beautiful oceanfront home where we can easily work remotely and vacation several times per year with our loved ones.”

-Brian Requarth
Co-founder & CEO
Lives in Sonoma, CA


What experts are saying about Kocomo

We support entrepreneurs because of their “multiplier effect”. Martin Schrimpff is a great example of that, a serial entrepreneur that in less than 15 years has founded 4 companies.

-Adrian Garcia-Aranyos
President at Endeavor

“Kocomo has just closed on $6 million equity and $50 million debt financing to advance on the goal of making vacation home ownership a reality for more.”

-Mary Ann Azevedo
Journalist at Techcrunch

“Kocomo makes vacation home ownership more accessible and seamlessly transforms these homes into a financial product. This will be a new asset class.”

- Eric Reiner
Managing Partner at Vine Ventures

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