Why Smart Entrepreneurs Vacation Through Co-Ownership


February 8, 2022

Smart Entrepreneurs are Turning to an Innovative New Approach to Vacation Homeownership

Timeshares are becoming a thing of the past. They offer frustratingly inflexible scheduling, a weak sense of ownership, and often result in a loss of money if one wants out of the arrangement.

Instead, many tech entrepreneurs, corporate execs and other savvy investors are turning to a new co-ownership approach to find one-of-a-kind vacation homes in premiere destinations. Most importantly, co-ownership offers a real stake in these highly desirable properties, meaning potential returns on the money invested, essentially turning family vacation homes into a long-term potential investment opportunity.

Kocomo takes care of the boring stuff, so you can focus on what you want

As an innovative co-ownership platform, Kocomo simplifies the co-ownership process and takes care of many of the stressful aspects of home maintenance, making it more affordable and convenient than ever before to attain your dream vacation home.

Kocomo does most of the heavy lifting for you, including the legal paperwork and recruiting of other interested co-owners, helpfully streamlining an otherwise complicated and time-consuming process. 

Then there’s Kocomo’s proprietary scheduling system, which ensures equitable access among all your home’s co-owners and makes booking your stays as easy as calling an Uber or reserving an Airbnb.

Finally, because Kocomo contracts local staff to take care of the boring stuff, like landscaping, cleaning, maintenance, and even cooking, you’ll have more time to focus on what you want, whether that’s making memories with your family or figuring out the next chapter in your company’s story.

Family vacation home? Dream remote office? Executive retreat center? All of the above.

Many co-owners find Kocomo’s exquisite homes in sun-drenched locales appealing for more than just family vacations. With more jobs moving toward flexible, hybrid or fully remote statuses, Kocomo owners often discover that their six weeks of guaranteed access to their Kocomo home affords them a dream office with beautiful work-life balance: work by day in a tranquil home with modern amenities and convenient staffing; venture out to explore a new culture by night. What’s more, executives and directors are seeing the potential in using their Kocomo home as an inspiring offsite retreat for all manner of corporate get-togethers. And, with locations in Mexico and (soon) Miami, Kocomo’s vacation homes are only a short flight away for many West and East coast travelers. 

Vacationing that doubles as a potential long-term investment

The best part about co-ownership is that, unlike most timeshares, it’s not money down the drain. Since you’re co-owning, you’re paying substantially less money when compared to buying a whole property by yourself—one that may sit unused for large portions of the year. This makes co-ownership a far more responsible use of real estate, since the property will rarely if ever go under-utilized.

Then there’s the potential for some serious ROI on your Kocomo home. First, you have the option to turn your unused weeks into possible rental income simply by asking Kocomo to do so on your behalf. We take care of everything else.

Secondly, just like any other property you own, when you want to move on, you can sell your ownership stake at whatever price you can command. Because Kocomo homes are carefully curated—exceptional architecture plus artful interiors in alluring destinations–they tend to remain in demand and have the potential to increase in value over time.

Kocomo is the smarter way to own your dream vacation home

For those who are both family-oriented and business-minded, Kocomo provides the most sensible solution for making lasting memories. Our co-ownership model is a goldmine once you fully realize all the benefits it affords.

Take a moment today to peruse our listings in enticing destinations like Baja Sur, Tulum, Sayulita, or Miami. (We’ll have many more locations to choose from in the future.)

Once you’ve found your ideal vacation home among our listings, contact us to start the co-ownership process. We’ll have you off to paradise and making memories with family, friends, or colleagues faster than you can believe it.

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