When Can I Visit My Kocomo Home?


January 7, 2022

Odds are you’ve probably heard of the dreaded scheduling restrictions of timeshares. You’re usually locked into a certain week every year, as the home or condominium is most typically split between 52 people. No matter what life brings you, you can’t move or change your dates, leaving you with little to no flexibility to ebb and flow with the tides of life. 

At Kocomo, our co-ownership model revolutionizes how and when you stay at your vacation home. With our proprietary scheduling system,  we ensure time is split fairly and equally to ensure you’re always satisfied with your stay. And because you only share your home with 7 other co-owners, your days in paradise are maximized. 

Here, we answer all of your questions on how and when you can stay at your Kocomo home.

How do I schedule my stay?

When you first purchase your Kocomo home, you can begin making your date selections immediately so you’re able to plan your visit as soon as possible. From that point forward, you will utilize our proprietary scheduling system that’s available via a mobile application, which works like a draft. 


We open the date selection process every year in November so you can begin planning your stays for a full calendar year starting with dates the following February. This allows you ample time to plan ahead and time your schedule perfectly with your visit to your new vacation home.


How often can I stay?

You’re guaranteed six weeks of time at your property every calendar year. Our easy-to-use scheduling system ensures that you get three weeks in the high season, two weeks in the shoulder season, and one week in the low season. Weeks run from Saturday to Saturday. 

How long can I stay per visit? 

You can stay a week at a time at your Kocomo home. We allocate time in week-long periods, running from Saturday to Saturday, to ensure all 8 co-owners have access to the home during both the high and low seasons.

How many times per year can I stay? 

While we limit stays to one week per visit, you are able to trade weeks with your fellow co-owners to maximize your time in paradise. This means you could enjoy three to four weeks of continuous time at the property if you’re able to work out an agreeable plan with your fellow co-owners.


What if I can’t use all my weeks?

There are a few easy options for you to utilize if you cannot use your scheduled time. You can gift your time to friends or family, you can swap your time with another Kocomo co-owner in a different destination, or you can choose to rent out your time. If you seek to rent your time, all you have to do is notify us and we will take care of all the logistics. Your proceeds of the rental income will go directly towards covering your annual operating expenses.


What happens on the major holidays?

We keep our scheduling system clear and transparent among co-owners. This means time allocation is always equitable. We use a more modern sense of seasonality than traditional categorization, meaning our high-season weeks take holidays and other events into consideration like school holidays and special activities in the destination. When it comes to both Christmas and New Year, our only rule is that no one co-owner can schedule time for both holidays. Other than that, co-owners can reserve any time they want at their home—holiday or not.


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