Is a Kocomo co-ownership a Timeshare?


12 | 08 | 2021

No. In a traditional timeshare, you purchase time at a property and not the actual property. Your timeshare purchase allows you to have a set amount of days—let's say a week—at a property every year. Usually, your time is pre-set. That means no matter what life brings you, you are likely unable to move or change your dates. And more often than not, timeshares are small villas or condominiums located in a larger resort community. 

The main way Kocomo differs from a timeshare is that with us, you own a real estate asset: a portion of your Kocomo home. That means you benefit from any appreciation in the value of the property as it accrues over time. Another important feature of how Kocomo is not a Timeshare, is the offer of a fair and flexible booking process to secure the dates that work for you, around your schedule. And while most Kocomo homes are not located in larger resort communities, we offer the possibility of concierge services that give you the feeling of an upscale hotel experience while maintaining your independence in the privacy of your own home. Leave the coordinating of airport transfers, pre-arrival grocery shopping, and the booking of bespoke travel experiences to explore tucked-away ancient temples and offshore diving spots to us! 

There are two more important differences to understand. In a Timeshare setup, it is binding and it is almost impossible to sell. Not with Kocomo’s co-ownership model where the only stipulation we make is that you own for one full year, before having the possibility to sell your share at any point you may decide to do so. And second, Timeshares depreciate, and as we mentioned, with Kocomo you get to keep any and all appreciation in value of your property.

To put it simply, Kocomo is not a timeshare. When you co-own a dream vacation home with us, you own a real estate asset and share the cost with up to seven other owners. This makes your dream of owning a beautiful second home in some of the most desirable destinations an attainable reality. Your Kocomo home is a place where you can make memories with friends and family for years to come, and that in the end, is what sums it up: A Timeshare is a depreciating asset, while a Kocomo co-ownership is a home, yours.

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