Why Should I Buy a Vacation Home with Kocomo and Not On My Own?



January 21, 2022

The dream of owning a vacation home abroad is one you can almost feel if you close your eyes. You imagine the freedom of leaving your everyday worries and responsibilities behind in lieu of waking up in paradise. There are no sirens, no email notifications chiming. All you hear is the sound of the birds singing outside, the way the palms rustle together as the breeze passes through. Instead of making a mad dash for the office with a to-go mug in hand, your mornings here are slow and calm. You take your coffee outside. You watch the sunrise over turquoise waves every morning as they lap against the soft white sand. You take to the water for a refreshing start to your day. This is the allure of paradise. This is what it feels like to spend your days in a dream, in a home away from home where you can gather with friends and family, to make unforgettable memories together. 

Of course that sounds utterly amazing. But before Kocomo, it took quite a bit of legwork to bring that idyllic vision to life and actually purchase a home abroad. Traditionally, if you bought a vacation home in another country on your own, you were in the driver’s seat: the process of searching for, purchasing, and even sometimes building your home was entirely up to you, and that meant you were responsible for reaching out to all the necessary contacts to both maintain and protect your foreign asset, from real estate agents to lawyers. Even after the tedious purchasing process was behind you, you’d then need to assume the role of property manager, which usually required learning a new language and finding out how to book a cleaning service or call a plumber in a completely new cultural landscape and financial system. Suddenly a part-time dream home became a full-time job.

At Kocomo, we make the dream of owning your vacation home a hassle-free reality. From start to finish, we ensure everything runs smoothly, eliminating the stress, worry, and upkeep that typically comes with owning a foreign asset. When you’re at your Kocomo home, you’re focused on enjoying life to the fullest, not managing paperwork or solving maintenance issues. When it’s time to return to your year-round residence, all you have to do is catch a flight. Kocomo takes care of the rest. 

While this was once a dream only for the few, Kocomo makes it a feasible reality for even more people just like you with our co-ownership model. Not only are dream homes in Mexico’s most alluring destinations more affordable with our model, but we also make your buying experience turnkey, from beginning to end. And we continue to be your partner far past the initial purchasing stage, assisting you at every step of the way as you savor the full Kocomo experience in your new home. 

Here are the top four perks of buying a home with Kocomo versus buying on your own.

1. We Manage Your Home From End to End 

When you buy a vacation home abroad on your own, you will inevitably become the manager of your home. This usually requires the knowledge of a second language so you’re able to coordinate cleanings and oversee all of the necessary steps it takes to keep your home safe and in tip-top shape. With Kocomo, you won’t lift a finger (or the phone). We’ll act as your in-destination expert and partner every step of the way. Once you buy a property with us, we’ll help you schedule and plan every visit to your new home with a 24/7 concierge service. We make the entire process stress- and hassle-free. Which is exactly what a vacation should be.

2. You Won’t Have to Worry About Maintenance

When you purchase a vacation home on your own, you assume all the responsibility of maintaining your home’s condition—even when you’re not using it. That means you’ll need to coordinate pool cleanings, landscaping services, exterior repairs, painting, cable and internet service…the list goes on. With Kocomo, it’s already covered. We have a trusted roster of service providers in every Kocomo location dedicated to keeping your home looking just like it did when you last left it, so you won’t need to spend time researching a single cleaning service or electrician. When you’re at your Kocomo home, your number one focus is enjoying the moment. And when you’re gone, you’ll have the peace of mind that we’re caring for your home as if it were our own.

3. We’ll Rent Out Your Home For You

If you’ve purchased a vacation home abroad, you’ll likely want to maximize your investment by renting out the property when you're not using it. This usually means you’re listing your home to unfamiliar guests on a home-sharing platform like AirBnb or VRBO—and losing a portion of the profit as a result. It also probably means you’re relying on an in-destination property manager to deliver keys, coordinate arrival times, schedule cleanings, and more, which can be costly and require hands-on supervision from you. With Kocomo, if you’re unable to stay your 6 full weeks per year, or would just rather rent some of your time, we’ll manage the process from beginning to end. That includes vetting trustworthy renters while you enjoy the financial upsides and get the most out of your investment.

4. Your Home is Safe Year-Round

More often than not, vacation homes are located in remote, tropical destinations that tend to fluctuate with seasonal tourism and weather trends. In Mexico, it’s common to hire a caretaker to assume responsibility for the home’s protection in the low season. For example, if you buy a home by the beach, you’ll likely need to hire someone to stay at the home during early fall when hurricane season is in full swing. If a storm comes, a caretaker will assume the responsibility of ensuring your hurricane shutters are in place and that all steps have been taken to secure your home prior to the storm. They also work to keep your home safe from any potential off-season security threats. With Kocomo, we’re your built-in caretakers. We keep a watchful eye on your home year-round, rain or shine. Or gale-force winds, for that matter. No matter the season, we stay alert to make sure that your home is protected to the fullest extent.

Buying a vacation home in another country is an incredible opportunity, but one that comes with great potential for extra work, frustration, and unexpected surprises and culture shocks along the way. Kokomo’s ultimate goal is to create a seamless experience for global home ownership through our expert insider knowledge of every location where we offer our homes, a cutting-edge tech platform built to support you at every turn, and most of all, our above and beyond hospitality. 

Interested in checking out the Kocomo homes currently available? Explore them here. [link to homes]

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